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How to Schedule emails to send in future

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How to Schedule emails to send in future Empty How to Schedule emails to send in future

Post by Kenjilee on January 4th 2014, 20:51

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You never know if you will have time in nearby future. There are two instances, once when you are having enough time and no work to do and the other when you are not having time and you are having huge workload. During the times of heavy workload, there can be instances when you forget to do important things which you should have done.
Schedule emails
Let’s say you didn’t mailed your friend for his birthday. So, what to do then? To keep yourself on a safer side you canschedule your mails when you are free.
How to Schedule emails for sending them in future.
Boomerang for Gmail
There is a plugin, names Boomerang for Gmail which is available both for Firefox and Chrome which will help you to schedule your emails. This plugin is compatible with Gmail and using this you can take control of sending and receiving emails at desired time in your Gmail account.

How to Install Boomerang

   Open your Google chrome or Firefox Browser and visit the Boomerang website by clicking Here.
   Once you have visited the website, click on the Install Boomerang button which is present on the website and the installation will be started.
   You will come across a couple of steps, follow those steps and your installation will be done.
   Once the installation has been completed, the next time you will open Gmail, Boomerang will be automatically enabled.

How to use Boomerang

   Using Boomerang is very easy as the interface of this plugin is very user friendly. Read the guide below on how you can use Boomerang on your Gmail account.
   Compose email like you normally do.
   On the Compose page right next to the Send button you will see a new button named Send Later. This is the button which will help you to send email later.
   Choose the date and time as per your schedule, whenever you want to send the email.

Additional Features
Schedule Recurring Message :There is one great feature which comes with Boomerang and that feature is that you can schedule recurring messages to anyone on periodic basis. Let’s say you are working in a project and you are the project leader and each week you need to ask your team member about the progress report of the project. UsingBoomerang you can schedule that message using the Schedule Recurring Message feature. You will see the option to schedule recurring messages once you click on the Send later Button.
Deal with emails later: Sometimes we don’t want to read the emails we received at that time. Boomerang will remind you to read the received mail at the time you have set. If you have sent an email to your entire team and you want that the person who is max qualified in your team should reply to It but he fails to reply it then you will be get notified.

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